The Instant Power Pressure Cooker XL 8 Quart


The power pressure cooker XL 8 quart is a stainless steel non-stick cooker that makes work in the kitchen very easy. With everyone having busy lives and little time to cook, this gadget has come to make lives better. The cooker operated with the touch of a button. This saves you time in the kitchen as all you need to do is put the food in the pot, press the right buttons and in a short time, the food is ready. The convenience offered by this gadget is just on another level. Even the people who do not know how to cook can now produce amazing meals from the kitchen.

How it Works

The pot is designed with a unique technology. This technology helps to lock in steam and allow it to penetrate the food in the pot. This moisture helps soften the food and trap in all the nutrients. This pot can cook a wide range of foods including different meats and legumes. All you need is to put in the various food you need cooked and switch on the button. The liquid in the pot will then start boiling and rising. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius and when the boiling point is reached, steam will start to evaporate. With normal pots, the stem rises and the degrees will not rise further than the 100 mark. In the pressure pot however, there is no escape for the steam. This means that when the steam rises, it is forced to circulate within the pot. Some of it will be absorbed in the food and make the food soft and succulent. The rest of the steam will eventually be released once the food is ready. Because the steam is circulating inside a confined place, the food cooks very fast and you spend a quarter of the time in making a complete meal.

The pressure cooker can also be adjusted to lower temperatures. This allows it to sauté foods and gently steam vegetables. All the moisture is normally locked inside and the cooker will turn itself into the warm mode once the vegetables are ready. The mechanics of this cooker helps it save a lot of energy when cooking which will in turn save you some money on the bills. The pot is very easy to clean and has several detachable pieces.

Product Characteristics

The pot is made of stainless steel metal that does not rust or corrode. This means that no matter what temperatures the pot is exposed to, it will be able to withstand. This quality makes it a very long lasting gadget. The pot is large enough to hold different types of food at a go. There is no need to use other cooking pots when using this pressure cooker. The cooker has a non-stick pan on the inside which means you do not need to use any oil when cooking. The finish is of high quality and the pot looks very appealing. The pressure cooker pot comes with pre-set buttons that are very easy operate. They are clearly labelled with the functions they provide. Some of the available buttons includes the sauté button, the slow cooker button, the keep warm button, cookware button, soup maker button, canning button and the steamer, among others.

The digital display on the pressure cooker pot also has the time settings. This allows you to set the time for cooking and the pot automatically turns itself off when the set time is up. There is a pressure valve that allows excess stem to leave the pot. This pressure valve activates when a certain level of pressure is detected. The valve opens and releases the extra steam. This means that pressure will always be steady throughout the cooking process.

The time settings also provides for delayed start time. It allows for the user to set the cooking time to start at a later point, maybe in three hours’ time. When the set time reaches, the pot will automatically turn itself on and cook. When the food is ready, the pot will turn off automatically. There is a button that allows the pot to keep food warm until it’s ready for eating. The lid of the pot fits in very well on the pot. There is no room left for steam to escape when cooking. The side of the pot has to opposite handles where the lid is inserted. They hold the lid and they also serve as the handles when holding the pot. These handles are made from a non-conductive substance and so they will not become hot during cooking. The pot can be washed in a dishwasher and the removable inner pan makes cleaning even easier. The pot is electric and uses up very little space in the kitchen.


This pressure cooker can be used for a variety of functions. It can steam sauté, boil and pressure cook. This makes a very useful multipurpose gadget.

This pot replaces several kitchen gadgets. The rice cooker, the steamer, sauté pans and soup makers will not be necessary when you have this cooking pot. Instead of buying many gadgets that use up space in the kitchen, you can opt for this amazing device.

The pot has an inner non-stick pot that is detachable from the pot. This inner pot is the only component that gets messy when cooking. It is thus the only part that needs cleaning.

The non-stick pot is dishwasher safe and little time is spent cleaning up after using this cooking pot.

The display buttons are well labelled and only need one press to function. They have been designed with advanced technology and the food is cooked perfectly every time.

The cooking pot comes with an amazing feature that allows delayed cooking. This means you present the pot to start cooking after a few hours. You have the freedom to set the pot in the morning and it will start cooking a few hours before you arrive home. This means you will find ready food after a long day at the office.

This pressure cooker pot has the ability to keep food warm long after it has stopped cooking. There is no need to keep reheating food. At the touch of a button, you are able to keep food warm for a longer period until you are ready to serve.

The foods cooked with this pot are healthy. Very little, if any, oil is used. Most of the food is steamed. The nutrients in the food are preserved and moisture is locked in the food.

Concluding Remarks

The pressure cooker comes with a manual that will guide the user. When used well, this gadget is guaranteed to give you excellent service for a long time. Many of the cooking gadgets are replaced by this pot and hence you save a lot of space in the kitchen. The pot is very energy efficient and helps reduce the cooking time by a large percentage. This power pressure cooker XL 8 quart has been designed with such an advanced technology. It is a futuristic gadget that every modern kitchen should have. So whether you are an expert in the kitchen or very naïve, this gadget ensures the food that comes from that kitchen is of quality and cooked just right.

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