Mini pressure cooker

Students talk about the freshman fifteen because if they lived on campus and had a meal plan—with no parental supervision, they gained weight. But I couldn’t relate because I was happy if I did not lose weight from all the stressing, running, and forgetting to eat meals that happened all too frequently in college. Which makes me wish I had a mini pressure cooker even more. I know the fad is to be skinny, but I was not trying to be skinny, I do not want to be skinny if it means skipping meals. I did enough of that already because I didn’t have the mini pressure cooker to save me time, and keep me eating.

And of course there are hands raised in the back, soapy and pruned from doing the dishes late at night, that object to giving or receiving a pressure cooker because they claim it is bulky. But no fear, the mini pressure cooker is more accommodating for the people washing dishes too! It’s size makes cleaning it easier, but the real trick is soaking it with some clean soapy water, dumping it after a few minutes, then wiping what is left either down the drain, or onto a napkin and into the trash. An easy solution to top off an easy and enjoyable meal!

And as a recent college graduate looking for work, in college, and even now, it still can be difficult to find the time to cook a good meal. Because the mini pressure cooker makes that easier by taking most of the work off our weary shoulders--even a millennial that does not have much cooking experience can manage to cut up some meat and veggies and put it in a bowl, then let it cook—it makes life more enjoyable. Now we have time for a luxury we don’t often get, time to ourselves doing what we enjoy while we wait for the magic pot to make our dinner.

You can use your small cookers to make rice or the deluxe cheesecake which in the past you would buy. You can shop for a mini cookers on ebay. Another perfect place to buy a small pressure cookers would be on amazon. Of course if they are electric you wont be able to use them outside. So check out the reviews of your mini pressure cooker and buy one today from amazon.

You can get a prestige stainless mini cooker to make those wonderful cheesecakes, while you review all the pefect shows on Netflix. A mini cooker would be one of the few items that you should add to your kitchen. You can also find reviews of smaller cookers and quart pressure cookers as well as Pressure Cookers XL Review.

When I mentioned watching Netflix while waiting for dinner to cook, I was not kidding. Not only does it make me feel like a powerful multi-tasker to have a crockpot going while I binge my favorite show—like when I put a load in the washing machine before (ahem) also sitting down to watch Netfilx. It enables me to watch Netflix guilt free because stuff is getting done. The dishes are running, a load of clothes is one step closer to being clean again, and now there’s a mini pressure cooker to cook my meal for me too.

If only it could click the next episode too…