Manttra Pressure Cookers

Manttra Pressure cookers come in various capacities; 4 Quarts, 5 Quarts, 6 Quarts, 8 Quarts, 10 Quarts and 12 Quarts. That is how the pressure cookers vary; from the smallest to the largest. If your family is small; opt for the smallest cooking pot and the same applies for large families; opt for the largest cooking pot.

Pressure cookers are interesting appliances that use pressure exerted on them to increase the heat. With the increase in heat, it enables the food or water in the pot to cook or boil fast. In addition, most of Manttra pressure cookers substitute other appliances that would easily occupy too much of your kitchen space. They lessen the time and work required in preparation of food.

Here are some of Mantrra’s finest pressure cookers

1) Manttra Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker

This high-rated cooker is made from high-quality materials that make it one of the best of Mantrra’s brand. Its exterior is made of sparkling stainless steel materials that make it rust-proof. Moreover, it will never lose its shiny look unless when it is misused.

The cooker uses heat exerted, pressure and steam to make it effective, thus it requires strong material for it to last long. Just as most top power pressure cookers, it has a 3 ply clad thick base that ensures there is an even distribution of heat.

Its uni-directional pressure regulator helps in the safe release of steam. This is enabled by its one touch quick steam release system. This is one of the factors that make the pressure cooker to be safe while in use.

Its zero pressure devices are meant to maintain the cooker closed till the pressure drops. In addition, it has a locking device that doesn’t allow build up unless when the cooker is safely closed.

It has a heat sensitive alloy that melts whenever pressure or temperature is beyond the required limit.

This pressure cooker has a gasket release system that releases excess pressure downwards, this mainly works when there is a blockage in the vent tube.

Why you should choose Manttra Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker has a stay- cool handles that remain cool even with excess heat in the pressure cooker.

It has 5 features that make the pressure cooker safe while in use; Gasket release system, locking device, heat sensitive alloy, zero pressure device and pressure regulator.

It is quick and easy to use

Be assured of delicious meals all through.

It comes in various sizes of 5 Quart, 6 Quart, and 8 Quart.

2) Manttra 10 Quarts Stainless steel Pressure cooker

This powerful Manttra pressure cooker has a copper-made base that ensures even distribution of heat throughout the cooker. Its exterior is made from high-quality stainless steel that adds up to its durability.

Its handles can easily remain cool even when the cooker has been on for longer. In addition, the lid and body are streamlined for a better grip and smooth opening and closing. There are a wide variety of foods that you can cook using this cooker in the easiest way possible. The fitting lid ensures there is enough cooking space.

Amazingly it comes with a set of three separators that are stacked up neatly above each other. The separators are made in a way that there is no exchange of flavors or tastes.

Its pressure regulator always moderates the pressure in the cooker to ensure all works out well. The locking device ensures the Mantra pressure cooker doesn’t get opened while it is unsafe.

Why you should choose Manttra 10 Quarts Stainless steel Pressure cooker

This pressure cooker is easy to use and super-fast; your meal will be ready quickly.

It has keep-cool handles that will prevent the user from getting burned.

It comes with three separators

It has four awesome safety features; metallic safety valve, locking system, gasket release system and pressure regulator.

3) Manttra Smart Series Pressure Cooker

Just as its name suggests, this Manttra smart series pressure cookers comes with amazing features that make it ideal for its purpose. It has a one touch steam release device that ensures the steam capacity in the cooker doesn’t go beyond. It works hand in hand with the unidirectional pressure regulator that moderates the steam that is being released.

Its exterior is made from mirror-polished stainless steel that makes it shiny and rust-proof. It has 2 settings; 8 psi and 12psi for pressure purposes. Moreover, there is a pressure indicator that notifies the user whenever the pressure goes beyond the required limit.

To enhance its durability, it has a thick base that also aids in even distribution of heat.

Why choose Manttra Smart Series Pressure Cooker

It has beautiful, sparkling looks due to its exterior

It is easy and quick to cook food in this smart series pressure cooker.

There are seven awesome safety features in the cooker that makes it ideal for any user. (Pressure regulator, zero pressure device, gasket release system, locking device, visual pressure indicator, auto lock system)

Be assured of delicious meals.

It can be found in capacities of 4 Quarts, 6 Quarts, and 8 Quarts.

4) Manttra 8 Quart Smart pressure cooker

This manttra’s pressure cooker has a capacity of up to 8 Quart. This means that a medium-sized family can easily be satisfied with the cooker. It has an auto-lock system that locks the cooker when it is put on.

It has a modern stainless steel polished finish that makes it look beautiful and stylish. Being stainless steel, makes it rust-proof thus be assured of durability of this pressure cooker. In addition, it has a thick base that allows even heating throughout the cooker.

This amazing pressure cooker features a gasket release system that releases unwanted pressure. It works hand in hand with the zero pressure devices that keeps the cooker locked till the pressure reduces to zero.

This pressure cooker has a one-touch steam release feature that helps to maintain steam in the cooking pot. The pressure is also moderated by its two pressure settings that make the cooking process smooth. (8psi and 12 psi)

This 8-quart pressure cooker has a heat sensitive alloy that melts whenever the pressure or temperature goes beyond the required level.

Why you should choose Manttra 8 Quart Smart pressure cooker

It is made from high- quality materials

It has a thick base and stainless steel finish that makes it durable and resistant

It has a pressure regulator; steam release system and auto lock system for safety reasons.


With all the pressure cookers on the market, you need to be decisive of the kind of pressure cooker that will suite your needs. Manttara pressure cookers are an awesome choice due to the wide variety of features that make the whole cooking experience easier. They also facility healthy cooking due to the materials used to make them.

All the nutrients, tastes and flavors in your food won’t get lost and will remain. However, all the safety precautions should be put into consideration. Even with all the safety devices in the cooker, it still requires one to be cautious while handling the cooker. You will be amazed by how much this Manttra pressure cookers will help you become a better chef in your own kitchen. They are worth the try.

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